Top 5 PC TuneUp Utilities

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Best Tuneup Utilities

Top 5 PC TuneUp Utilities

Do PC’s slow down as they get older or do they just get bloated with old software?

The answer is that the PC doesn’t get any slower but it may be having a harder time finding everything on the disk drive.  As you install, update, and remove software your disk drive becomes fragmented spreading out little bits of open disk storage all over the disk. 

Slow Computer TuneUp PC


When your disk drive is fragmented newly installed programs get spread out over the disk causing the operating system to search for all of the pieces to load them into memory.  The more time the PC takes to search for all of the program pieces the longer it takes to load.  A disk defragmenter goes through the disk drive and moves all of those pieces closer together so the operating system doesn’t need to wait to load the program.  These are some of the other things that cause your computer to slow down with age:

  • Windows registry errors and issues – The Windows operating system does not remove any entries in the registry, a database that stores everything needed to start up the operating system and programs.  Registry items for files, drivers, and DLL’s that do not exist cause the OS to look to disk storage for them.
  • Startup programs – These are programs that start up when the OS boots.  Too many of these programs at start up slow down the booting of the system and may cause the OS to swap memory to disk to make room to load your programs.  Swapping memory to disk is never a good thing because the OS will have to swap it back into memory when needed causing more swapping out.
  • Memory issues – Microsoft Windows uses a system swap file that is created on your system disk when it is installed.  If your hard disk becomes fragmented and the swap file is enlarged the swap file becomes fragmented.  A fragmented swap file is never good.  Swapping is not good but a necessary part of the operating system services.
  • Old system device drivers – Device drivers are updated all of the time by hardware manufactures.  Old drivers need to be updated due to bugs that cause failures, to add new features to the driver, and for driver optimization.

Using a Tuneup utility is a must for PC users.  Here is what Wikipedia has to say about TuneUp Utilities.

What do the top PC Tune up Utilities do to Speed up your PC?


Tuneup PC utilitiesTune up programs help you defragment your disk drive on a regular basis moving all of those program bits together into large blocks of contiguous storage, search the Microsoft and manufacturer sites for the latest device drivers, search through the start up programs for items that you no longer use, search through the registry for items that no longer exist or are obsolete, and optimize or defragment the registry making it easier for the OS to find the things it needs faster.  These tune up tools bring all of these things together into one tool making it easier to keep your PC optimized and running as fast as it can.

You will find in this review the top 5 PC tune up utilities on the market today. These utilities will do all of what is described above and many more things like:

  • Securely deleting files with multiple overwrites.
  • Recovering files that are accidentally deleted.
  • Securing your privacy on the PC by removing history files and artifacts left by programs.
  • Finding copies of files to reduce redundancy on your hard disk drives.

These top 5 PC tune up utilities were the best of all utilities tested and available on the market today.  All you need to do is select the one that best suits your needs or give them all a try and buy the one you like best.

Here are the Top 5 PC Tune up Utilities

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer


systweak advanced system optimizer reviewWith this PC tune up utility by Systweak you get an ease to use interface where several tasks like junk file and registry cleaning, disk defragmentation are accomplished through a single click.  Advanced System Optimizer is clearly the leader in PC tuneup utilities.  If you are a gamer you will want to look at the gaming optimizer providing you with a private virtual desktop with no other apps running except your game.  With the systweek utility you also get:


systweak ASO screenshot

  • Driver updates – Automatically searches your system for drivers that have available updates, downloads them, and installs all available drivers for your components.  You get a summary of the work completed when finished.
  • System Protector – Continuously monitors your system for spyware.  Stop spyware before it starts up applications in the background that not only use up precious system resources but also stops your private information from falling into the wrong hands.
  • PC Fixer – Presents you with a summary list of common items that impact your system and user experience.  You can also search for specific items like display settings.
  • Disk Optimizer – Defragment your system drive whenever you experience slowness when booting or starting up an application.
  • Undelete – Scans all of your disk storage for deleted files and folders giving you the opportunity to recover them.  You can use a quick scan of the Master File Table or a deeper scan that gets down into the sectors on the media to find lost data.
  • Registry Cleaner – Removes unnecessary entries in the Windows registry database reducing the amount of crud left over from previous application installs and system updates.
  • Registry Optimizer – Like the Disk Optimizer your registry is rebuilt in a new database file to remove unused space and to bring all of those fragmented items together speeding up your system boot and application load time.
  • System Cleaner – Designed to get rid of junk files that threaten to bring your system down and compromise your identity.
  • Disk Explorer – Gives you a Windows Explorer style interface making your storage devices easy to navigate, with charts showing the number of file types on the storage device and how much space they are taking up.
  • Uninstall Manager – This is an easy way to uninstall any application on your system.
  • Memory Optimizer – Resolves the most common causes of system crashes and slowness.  The memory optimizer gives you an easy to view graph of your system memory along with how much cache memory (swapped memory) is used.  This useful tool will let you see what is using memory and just how much it is using.  With this knowledge you can remove items from the start up that gobble up your memory giving it back to your system or applications.
  • Privacy Protector – Removes or hides all evidence of your usage on the system.  Remove most recently used file listings in applications, browser cache, and other traces that might give away information to any hacker that gets into your system.
  • Secure Delete – Securely remove any file from your system without any possibility of recovering it.
  • Secure Encryptor – Encrypt your data files making them unreadable to any application or person.
  • Disk Tools – Perform diagnostics on your hard drives finding spots on the disk that can no longer be written to or read from.  Salvage lost data on any problem sector.
  • Security Advisor – Scans your system providing you with helpful tips to secure your system and identifies settings that consume the most resources.
  • Duplicate File Remover – Reduce redundancy by removing all of your duplicate files.  Why have two or more when one will work?
  • Startup Manager – Effortlessly manage all of those system utilities and applications that start up when your system is booting and give back resources to your applications.
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AVG PC Tune Up


AVG PC TuneupNext in the line up for our top 5 pc tune up utilities is the AVG PC TuneUp.  AVG comes in with some interesting features like Turbo Mode that turns off up to 70 unnecessary processes releasing resources to your browsing, movies, and games.  You also get a battery extender that saves your batteries from draining when you are unable to plug in, and performance reports that keep you alert to the top items using your system resources. 


avg pc tuneup review


You will also find these other features in the AVG PC TuneUp:

  • Program Deactivator – Stop those programs you never use from draining processor speed without uninstalling them.
  • Startup Optimizer – Identifies unnecessary programs and services to switch off at startup.
  • Startup Manager – Rates all startup programs giving you an at a glance view of the essential apps and the ones just slowing down your system.
  • Disk Drive and Registry Optimization – Defrag and clean up your hard drives or registry with this utility.  Also provides a way to remove shortcuts that no longer work.
  • Disk Space Explorer, Cleaner, Duplicate File Finder, and Windows 8.1 App cleaner – Remove hidden junk left over from the Windows Store and Windows 8 or 8.1 Applications, remove temporary files, and clean up old or broken data left by your favorite browsers.
  • Keep your System tuned up – If you have your system tuned keep it that way by scheduling live optimizations and system cleaning on a regular basis.
  • Shred Your Files – If you don’t want anyone looking at your deleted files you should shred them beyond recovery.
  • Automatically perform Maintenance – Run routine maintenance when you are away and your computer is turned on so it doesn’t get in the way of your day to day usage.
  • Recover Files, Manage processes, and Roll Back Changes – If you have ever made a system change that made your system unstable you will understand how useful it is to roll back all of the changes made to just before you made them.  You can also change system settings, edit the Windows registry, and personalize your PC with thousands of available designs.

avg pc tuneup best tuneup utility PC

In this screen shot you can see the Resource Usage screen showing the top CPU process is the VMWareUser.exe and that all of the cpu is being used.  In this case since the system has a virtual guest running on it the VMWare application tries to use as much of the cpu as possible when it is available.

The top memory (RAM) user is the SnagitEditor.exe which is grabbing the screen shot, and the top disk user is the svchost.exe which is a system utility.  If you see any application or utility in any of these areas that you no longer use you might want to find out why they are using so much of the resource or just remove it if the application is no longer used.


Fix Optimizer


Fixoptimizer tuneupThis is one of those top PC tune up utilities where you get a down to earth system performance application that just tunes up your PC with one simple click of the button.  Fix Optimizer brings these features to the tune up work bench:

  • Optimize System and Internet Speed – Optimizes your system memory, applications, and internet browsing.
  • Fix and Clean Registry Errors – Stabilize your PC and provide fluid user experience by cleaning and optimizing the registry removing entries that cause errors and slow down system performance.
  • Remove the Junk in your system – Less junk files you have the less your system will crash.  Remove useless files, and optimize the disk storage giving your system a cleaning that will speed it up with a single click.

fixoptimizer deals

In the screen shot you can see the easy to understand dashboard style information center showing you where your system stands and what you need to work on to speed up your PC.  This next screen shot shows the same dashboard style information center as the application scans and cleans your system of problems showing you exactly what it is doing as it is completed.

fixoptimizer discounts


The Performance tab of the software shown above gives you information about and helps you clean and compact your registry, optimizes Windows settings, and speeds up the Windows Startup.

fixoptimizer Coupons

In the above screen shot you can see the different areas that the Privacy portion of the software.  This section of the software looks at and clears:

  • Windows History
  • Browsing History
  • Clear software traces
  • Bleach Disks
  • Shred Files


As with any of these software packages you are given a way to restore any changes made on your system by the optimizer to the previous configuration, as can be seen with this last screen shot.

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Iobit Advanced SystemCare Pro


Advanced Systemcare Pro reviewFourth in line for the top PC tune up utilities is the Iobit Advanced SystemCare Pro application.  With the Iobit optimizer you get web surfing protection, program deactivator, real-time privacy protection, and much more.  Iobit has long been a leader in the field of PC optimization and thier Advanced System Optimizer product has received many Editors Choice Awards.




advanced systemcare pro


Top Featured Items for the Advanced SystemCare Pro:

  • Basic Protection from Security Threats
  • Enhanced Malware Protection
  • Surfing and Searching Safely
  • Basic System Optimization
  • Ultimate System Tuneup for Top Performance
  • Internet Booster with upto 300% speed up
  • Deep Windows Registry Cleaner
  • Hard drive performance Optimization
  • Over 20 Tools for Daily Maintenance of your PC
  • Auto Clean for Privacy when you log on
  • Block Malicious attempts to access your personal data.


advanced systemcare pro review


Iobit brings many little utilities that helps bring this PC tune up application into the top 5.  The system and disk drive optimization provides an easy way to keep the clutter from getting abnormally dispersed over your system and speeds up loading time.

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STOPzilla Optimizer


StopZilla Optimizer ReviewWith the STOPzilla Optimizer you can get rid of the clutter on you system with a single click of the mouse, automatically repair and fix application paths, and perform system and registry backups to rollback any changes made to your system. 

The Key Benefits to using STOPzilla Optimizer:

  • System and Registry Cleanup – Cleans up system errors, helps to recover missing or corrupted registry files, and cleans your registry items for you.
  • Hard drive Defragmentation – Organizes your systems files to compact fragmented data and bringing system files closer together speeding up disk access.
  • Updates Windows Operating System – Out of date Operating Systems can leave you in a security dead zone allowing attacks on your personal data.  STOPzilla gives you the most current updates.
  • Keeps your system screaming at Max Speed – With an easy to use interface it will thoroughly clean your PC and restore it to a healthy state.


StopZilla Review

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To Optimize or Not Use these PC Tune Up Utilities to Speed up your PC


tuneupThese Top 5 PC tune up utilities will not only help speed up your old PC but also give you a much easier to manage system.  All of these PC tune up utilities offer optimization in the form of faster disk access via defragmentation, faster startup with registry cleaning and defragmenting, and application speed with startup managers that help you find utilities you do not use and memory managers. 

Pick one or all to try for free before you purchase them.

If you have any feedback on any of these PC tuneup utilities, please comment below.