Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Review

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Review

Stellar-Windows_Data_Recovery_5_Star_ReviewYour computer could well be one of the most important items you own. Most people today use their computer to store photos, videos, music and personal information as well as using it as a research tool on the internet, a game machine for amusement and even a communications tool to stay in constant contact with friends and family.

If your hard drive crashes, not only can you be completely cut off from your external world, but you could possibly lose irreplaceable files. However, after reading the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home review, you can see that a hard drive crash doesn’t have to deprive you of everything.



Isn’t A Good Backup Enough?

Granted, with external drives and cloud storage, backing up your computer is easier than ever before. You don’t have to spend hour after hour burning CDs or DVDs to back up your system and tape drives are essentially obsolete. Unfortunately, most people don’t do a comprehensive backup on a consistent basis.

You may do a backup once a month or as the mood strikes, but even if you do backup your computer on a consistent basis, you could still lose valuable files and data during a drive crash. With a great software tool like Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home, it is possible to recover all of your files and restore all of your data and lose nothing.

Whether your drive goes down because you’ve accidentally formatted it, deleted a virtual drive or have a hardware failure, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home can give you complete access to all your files and data. And, instead of paying hundreds of dollars to a tech or a professional data recovery company, you can do it yourself in just a few hours.

Why Stellar Phoenix?

stellar-phoenix-data-recovery-software-boxStellar Data Recovery was founded in 1993 and has grown over the years to be a leader in the data recovery, data repair, and system optimization industry.  Their products are well respected in the field and they have products that cover most data recovery and repair needs.  

Some of the main product lines offered by Stellar Data Recovery include:  Windows Data Recovery, Mac Data Recovery, Linux Data Recovery, Novel Data Recovery, Unix Data Recovery, Photo Recovery, CD/DVD Data Recovery,

They also offer Email Tools such as: Outlook OST to PST Coverter, EDB to PST Converter, MBOX to PST Converter, Outlook PST to MBOX Converter, Stellar NSF to PST Converter, Stellar GroupWise to PST Converter, Stellar Mail Converter, Stellar Notes to Exchange Migrator, Stellar GroupWise to Exchange Migrator, Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover, Stellar Phoenix PST File Splitter and Stellar Mail Backup.

Stellar Phoenix even has a full line of software products that focus on password recovery including: Windows Password Recovery, Stellar Server Password Recovery, Excel Password Recovery, PowerPoint Password Recovery, WIP Password Recovery, RAR Password Recovery, Outlook Password Recovery, PDF Password Recovery, and Stellar SWL Password Recovery.

Stellar Phoenix is the leader in its field and delivers solid software products that meet the needs and demands of IT professionals all over the world.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Versions

There are 3 versions of the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software. 

  1. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home Version
  2. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Pro Version
  3. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Tech (Technician) Version

We will have future data recovery reviews that will go into much more detail of the Home and Pro versions of Phoenix Windows Data Recovery but today we will focus on the home version. 

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home Review Features

Here are some great reasons you’ll love Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Home.

  • Recovers photos, videos, music and other data files
  • Works with drives larger than 2TB
  • Able to restore and scan through formatted drives for files
  • Able to search through lost and deleted Windows volumes
  • Search functions enables you to pick and choose which files to recover
  • Supports file and data recovery from Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home Review Overview

After installation, you can work with installed drives or drives connected externally. You can also work with SD cards and other memory cards and sticks from your mobile phone and other devices. The process is a simple one where the drive or volume is scanned for files and folders. Once the scan is complete, you can recover the entire drive or volume or search for specific files and folders to restore. 


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home Conclusion

Backing up your files is great. Doing a backup on a consistent basis can prevent losing precious photographs and irreplaceable information. However, a backup may not have the most current information you want to preserver and having a software package like Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home can recover those files so you don’t lose anything. If you have a drive crash and need to recover your files, there’s no better tool on the market than Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home Pros and Cons


  • Provides ability to recover files from lost and deleted Windows volumes
  • Sort functions enables you to select which files to recover


  • No provision to work with drives that can’t be seen by Windows
  • No drive analysis to determine the health of crashed drives