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Recently Added Features
  • New template for product image alt and title tags is added
  • Ability to set the canonical tag for associated products to be pointed to the parent products
  • Ability to exclude products, categories and CMS pages from HTML sitemap
  • Ability to hide out of stock products from sitemaps
  • Ability to shorten sub-category URLs by removing parent categories from URLs


Product and category page optimization
Templates for product and category pages

  • Ability to create templates for product name, URL key, short and long description, meta title, meta descriptions, meta keywords and product image alt ant title values
  • All available product attributes can be used
  • Ability to apply the templates at once to all the products
  • The templates for meta title, meta description, meta keywords and URL keys can be applied to specific products only by emptying these fields for selected products
  • Price attribute shows the price range for bundle, configurable and grouped products
  • Ability to specify different templates for each store view
  • Ability to apply templates for "For Items with Empty Meta Title/Description”
  • Ability to use complex variables like — if the first attribute value is not available for the product the second will be used and so on until it finds a value
  • Ability to use prefix and suffix for attributes: — e.g. — if an attribute value is available it will be prepended with prefix and appended with suffix, either prefix or suffix can be used alone
  • Ability to create templates for category name, description, meta title, meta description and meta keywords
  • Date of every template's change is tracked and you can always see when the template was changed last time
  • Ability to use and variables to display a parent category name or a full path of categories a product is opened in
  • Extra variables like ,, are available for categories templates
  • Multi-step process of applying templates to products with displaying statuses for each step
  • Ability to change a number of products processed at once. It allows to run the templates on any number of products and on any server configuration

Product URL Key: "[ name ] [ by { manufacturer|brand } ] [ { color } color ] [ for { price } ]" will be transformed into htc-touch-diamond-by-htc-black-color-for-517-50

Product Meta Title: "[name] [by {manufacturer|brand}] [({color} color)] [for {price}] [in {categories}]" will be transformed into HTC Touch Diamond by HTC (Black color) for € 517.50 in Cell Phones - Electronics

Product Meta Description Templates: "Buy [name] [by {manufacturer|brand}] [of {color} color] [for only {price}] [in {categories}] at [{store_name},] [website_name]. [short_description]" will be transformed into Buy HTC Touch Diamond by HTC of Black color for only € 517.50 in Cell Phones - Electronics at Digital Store, HTC Touch Diamond signals a giant leap forward in combining hi-tech prowess with intuitive usability and exhilarating design.

Product Name, Short and Long Descriptions, Meta Keywords Templates These templates work the same as for meta title or meta descriptions. You can use all available product attributes to build them. All the templates can be applied to all the products at once.

Category Description / Meta Title / Meta Description / Meta Keywords Templates The following variables are available: [category],[website_name],[categories], [parent_category], [store_name],[store_view_name]. This template allows you to create unique titles, descriptions, meta descriptions and meta keywords for your categories. For example, the template "[category] Category at [website_name]" will be transformed on the front-end to "Magento Extensions Category at MageWorx".

Category Page Optimization

  • Rel=next/prev implementation (to indicate the relationship between component URLs in a paginated series)
  • Ability to add “Page ” to meta title and meta description tags of paginated pages
  • Ability to create a pager URL format for paginated pages


-page[page_number] will transform URL into /mobile-phones-page2.html
/p/[page_number] will transform URL into /mobile-phones/p/2.html

  • Optimize sub-category URLs by removing parent categories from URLs


Original URLs
Optimized URLs

Product reviews page optimization


  • SEO friendly reviews URLs
  • Ability to select the canonical tag on product reviews to point either to reviews page or to product page
  • “Reviews of” is added to the meta title and meta description to avoid duplicates
Sitemaps Optimization
Front-end (HTML) Sitemap

  • Replaces default Site Map footer link, e.g.
  • Displays all store links (Catalog Categories, Products, CMS Pages) on a single Site Map page with a hierarchical structure
  • Ability to hide categories/products or CMS pages
  • Can hide specific CMS Pages (e.g. 'Enable Cookies' or '404 Not Found' page) from Site Map
  • Can hide out of stock products
  • Can show links to different Store Views on Site Map page
  • Ability to add additional links (footer and custom links) to frontend Site Map
  • Ability to define page title for HTML sitemap (per each store view)
  • Ability to define meta title & description for HTML sitemap (per each store view)
  • Easy customizable Site Map layout with CSS
  • Ability to sort categories and products by name or position
  • Fast sitemap

Google (XML) Sitemap

  • Ability to add all Product Images to Google XML Sitemap with watermark and customizable size
  • Ability to adds Product Tag URLs to Google XML Sitemap
  • Ability to set frequency and priority for tag links
  • Splits Google XML Sitemap into multiple files by size or number of links and creates Sitemap XML Index
  • Generates correct Google XML Site Map files with links equal to Canonical URLs
  • Can hide specific CMS Pages (e.g. 'Enable Cookies' or '404 Not Found' page) from Google XML Sitemap
  • Ability to add custom links to Google XML Site Map
  • Can hide out of stock products
  • Ability to change a link frequency and priority for additional links
  • Ability to exclude specific products, categories and CMS-pages from XML sitemap
  • XML-sitemap path includes correct domain name (for multi-websites stores)
  • Support of FishPig Attribute Splash Pages extension
  • Support unlimited number of products (tested on of 5mln(!)+ catalog)
  • Ability to change a number of products processed at once (it allows to generate XML sitemap for any number of products on any server configuration)
  • XML sitemap validity check (broken XML sitemap file will never replace a correct file to avoid errors while indexing)
  • Support AW and Fishpig blogs
Canonical URLs
  • Adds Canonical Meta tag with admin fine tuning
  • Ability to choose a canonical tag for a single product or to enter a custom canonical tag for products
  • Cross Domain Canonical Meta tag support (resolves duplicate content problem between different domains)
  • Defines single Canonical URL for products in multiple categories
  • Can use either root, shortest or longest Product URL for Canonical Meta Tag
  • Ability to define how the shortest or the longest canonical tag should be selected (the shortest and the longest tag can be calculated by the path length or by the categories number in the path)
  • XSS-vulnerability security enhancements for Canonical URLs
  • Ability to point the canonical tag either to a paginated page or to a page with all products of a category (if enabled in the back-end)
  • Ability to add a trailing slash to the canonical URLs
  • It’s possible to remove the trailing slash from canonical and site map URLs even if it’s added by your server rewrites.
  • Ability to set the canonical tag for associated products to be pointed to the parent products
Layered Navigation
  • The extension allows making the pages of the layered navigation seo-friendly by adding selected attributes to the URLs, meta title and meta description tags.
  • Search engine and user friendly dynamic titles for Layered Navigation pages
  • Search engine and user friendly dynamic meta descriptions for Layered Navigation pages
  • Search engine and user friendly URLs for Layered Navigation pages
  • Ability to point the canonical tag on the layered navigation pages either to filtered page or to current category page (it can be setup global or for separate attributes)
  • Ability to change the layered navigation URL identifier
  • Ability to display/hide attribute names of selected attributes in URLs, meta titles and meta descriptions of the Layered Navigation pages
  • Ability to disable canonical tag for the Layered Navigation
  • Ability to add NOINDEX,FOLLOW or NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW for any pages
  • By default the pages like checkout, compare products etc have the NOINDEX,FOLLOW tag. Google won’t add these pages to its index but follow all the links on these pages. It’s possible to add either static pages or pages with dynamic variables to these settings.


You can add ?mode=* so that to change the meta robots tag to NOINDEX,FOLLOW on all pages with ?mode=* in the URL.

  • Layered Navigation meta title and meta description can be generated dynamically based on different product attributes, i.e. name, price, color, brand, manufacturer etc. You can use meta title and meta description, which are generated automatically, or specify them manually if necessary.

Examples (automatic):

If a customer selects "Apples" as a brand and "White" as a color at the category page, the title will be "Cell phones, Brand - Apple, Color - White" or "Cell Phones, Apple, White" (it depends on "Hide Attributes" setting). If it's important to control the placement of product attributes within meta title or meta description tag, you can specify them manually (see below).

Examples (manual):

Category's title is "Popular Cell phones". You can add product attributes to the place where you want them to be shown on the front-end, e.g. "Popular cell phones" will be transformed into Popular Apple white cell phones when "Apple" is selected as a brand and "white" as a color.
Rich Snippets & Open Graph Support
  • Rich snippets can be enabled/disabled right from the back-end
  • The following attributes can be enabled in the rich snippets: product SKU, payment method, shipping method, category, product color, manufacturer, brand, model, Gtin, product weight, dimensions (height, width, depth), conditions and seller info
  • Ability to specify a custom attribute for SKU, color, manufacturer, brand, model, Gtin, Dimension Height, Dimension Width to be displayed in the rich snippets
  • Ability to select a weight unit for the weight attribute in the rich snippets
  • Ability to select a dimension unit for the dimension attributes in the rich snippets
  • Ability to enable/disable Open Graph right from the back-end
SEO Reports
  • SEO Reports provides a tool for finding all the pages that should be optimized or have problems with their meta tags. It helps you quickly to find all problems on your site and fix them.
  • Display separate reports for products, categories and CMS pages
  • Find pages with long meta title and meta description tags
  • Find pages with duplicate meta title and meta description tags and display duplicated pages (you can easy find all duplicates and correct them)
  • Find all pages with empty meta tags
  • Provide a tool for finding all the pages to be optimized
Other features include
  • Robots.txt editor (You can edit the robots.txt file directly from the back-end)
  • Compatible with Link Exchange Directory extension
  • Compatible with Fooman Speedster Magento extension
  • Compatible with AW Z Blocks Magento extension (by request - just drop us a line before the installation process)
  • Compatible with Amasty Improved Navigation Magento extension
  • Compatible with Amasty Prevnext extension
  • Compatible with GT Speed extension
  • Compatible with AW Blog extension
  • Compatible with FishPig Blog extension
  • Adds 301 Permanent Redirect for:?
  • Search engine and user friendly RSS Feed URLs
  • Enables title attribute for Category Menu links
  • Adds Robots Meta tag with admin fine tuning
  • Ability to define a default meta robots tag for Https pages
  • Ability to use Product short description for Description Meta tag instead of Product full description
  • Removes HTML tags and unnecessary whitespaces from Description Meta Tag
  • Defines 7 different Robots Meta Tag values
  • Ability to add NOINDEX,FOLLOW or NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW for any pages.
Also Includes
  • 30 days money back
  • Free extension installation (by request)
  • Free extension configuring (by request)
  • Free LIFETIME support
  • Free LIFETIME bug fixes and updates
  • Free conflicts resolving (our team will help you in resolving conflicts with other 3rd party extensions)
  • Free sitemap submission to Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines
  • Free high priority new feature development by request
  • Free high priority technical support
Live Examples

HTML Sitemap

Dynamic Meta Title and Meta Description:
  • 7594 days

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