EASSOS PartitionGuru Pro Review & Coupon

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Eassos PartitionGuru Pro

EASSOS PartitionGuru Pro Review & Coupon

EASSOS PartitionGuru Pro 5 Star ReviewDealing with hard drives, especially when they’re giving you problems, can be a real hassle sometimes. In order to do any kind of work with a hard drive- whether that’s repairs, or adding partitions, or installing multiple operating systems- you have to know something about how they work.

Hard drives are divided into partitions that use certain file systems, and in the case of most computers, you’ll have a small partition reserved for your operating system and the rest for all your important files.

A partition divides your hard drive into different logical drives that operate separately from each other. This enables system partitions and special repair partitions used by laptop and PC manufacturers to ensure that the user has a repair route. This also allows the common user to install separate operating systems- like another version of Windows, or perhaps Linux- onto their computers to run alongside their main installation.

Before we get into the main review, let’s talk a bit about the people behind the product I’m reviewing.



About Eassos

Eassos is a four year old tech company operating worldwide, specializing in various data recovery, system backup and drive manager products. While being relatively new players, they’re approved by McAFee and Norton as being secure and have industry praise for their products.  They offer very reputable Data Recovery, Disk Utilities and System Restore software products.

Now we’ve gone over why you may want partition managing software and who makes the piece of software I’m about to review, let’s get into the product itself and see if it’s worth the buildup.

Eassos Partition Recovery Review

Main Features

Caption: Fortunately, all the program’s main features are easily accessible from the main window.

Upon opening the program after installation, the user will be greeted with a list of their drives, the partitions on them and the storage space of those partitions.

It is important to note that if you’re working on the same drive you’re modifying with this program that it’s important to be cautious- do not format or delete either the system or main partition, because those are both being actively used by your system and can result in some rather terrible glitches. The program itself warns you about this, too.

Caption: A simple right click exposes everything the program can do with the selected partition.

Now for the common user, these features may appear to be nonsense. No explanation is provided with the program, so I’ll explain what they do for you.

The features and what they do

  • Create New Partition – makes a new partition. This will not make your drive bigger- it will take free space that isn’t being used on one of your current partitions.
  • Format Current Partition – Will delete your files. Also used to change filesystem- popular choices include NTFS, FAT32 and Ext4.
  • Delete Current Partition – Exactly what you think it does. The free space on your drive will not return to a partition by itself though- you’ll have to resize the partition you want to take that space.
  • Modify Partition Parameters – Change physical aspects of the partition’s location. Not recommended.
  • Resize Partition – Can be used to take free space not being used by any partitions on the drive.

You may notice I skipped some of those. Aside from Recovering Lost Files, Cloning and Restoring Partition, most of those options aren’t things you should be messing with unless you already know exactly what they are.

Let’s finish this review up.


PartitionGuru is a full-featured piece of drive management software.


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of features, even for free


  • Dangerous for unsavvy users
  • Lacks explanations for each option

Overall, so long as you know what you’re doing and are ready to take the risks, I’d highly recommend this program. Even if you don’t buy it, it offers a wealth of features beyond its competition- and that makes it more than worthy of the high praise its received.  


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